Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

Brief History:

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery was established around 1864 near Midlothian Illinois and became an inactive cemetery in 1965.  Many strange accounts have been reported in this cemetery including : mysterious floating lights, unexplained fogs, phantom vehicles, apparitions, unexplained voices, a vanishing house and a chilling presence.  Many investigators in the Chicagoland area have visited this location and consider it to be one of the most haunted sites in Illinois and perhaps the world.

Many believe this cemetery to be the birthplace of such urban legends as "the hooked spirit" and "the dead boyfriend".  It is also believed that the cemetery is the staging grounds of satanic worshipers and pagan rituals.  However, this remains to be proven.


G.H.S. has conducted several investigation of this location from 1995 - 1998 and remains top on our list of paranormal hot spots.  Our first official investigation in 1995 yielded a single unexplained photograph of a large orb floating near a gravesite on the north-eastern side of the cemetery.  The photo was taken to several photographic experts and has remained unexplained.  Follow-up investigations yielded several results including odd equipment readings on EMF detectors, visual light detectors, infrared light detectors, ultraviolet light detectors, static electricity detectors and thermometers.  The majority of this data was collected with the MESA system from our fellow investigators and teammates from G.E.I.S.T., namely Tim Harte, Michael Hollinshead and Dave Black.

Unexplained photographs have been obtained showing additional smaller orbs, streaking lights and a mysterious fog.  It should be mentioned that the phenomenon was not visible at the time of exposure. In addition to the photographs, E.V.P (electronic voice phenomenon) was also recorded in the cemetery as well. 

While we were shooting a documentary with Purdue University in 1998, G.H.S member and editor of UNKNOWN Magazine Chris Fleming captured strange voices on a hand held tape recorder.  Near the same area where these voices were recorded, G.H.S member Jonathan Murphy took a Polaroid shot during a cold spot encounter which yielded a streaking light on the film.  Additional cold spots were experienced while in the cemetery on this investigation as well.

A mysterious fog was also captured on film during another investigation in August of 1998.  The photo was obtained while experiencing a cold spot in the eastern portion of the cemetery.  The fog was not visible at the time of exposure nor was there any ambient fog present in the cemetery that evening.  In a follow-up investigation with Tim Harte and Michael Hollinshead later that month, we experienced the fog head on.  

After we had collected data with the MESA system, Tim, Michael, Jonathan, and I decided to leave the cemetery after experiencing an unfriendly presence near the location of the first fog photo.  Upon packing up the equipment, we headed back up the long trail leading back to the main road when we noticed a fog traveling toward us at a rapid pace.  We immediately stopped in our tracks and watched as the fog seemed to slow down and envelope us.  The fog remained still for about three to five minutes when it suddenly raced down the trial back to the cemetery.  Unfortunately, our equipment was packed up and we were too awe struck to retrieve it in time to take any readings.  However, this was our first actual sighting in our many investigations here.

The path leading to the cemetery has a history of being allegedly haunted as well.  Phantom cars have been reported turning onto the path from the main road which would be impossible as there are concrete pillars prohibiting vehicles doing so.  Also, the temperature appears to drop while traveling closer to the cemetery, something we have also experienced even on the hottest days of July.

In July 1996,  an impromptu investigation took place involving Michael Komen, Jonathan Murphy and a witness who claimed to have had an experience in the western portion of the cemetery.  The witness claimed to have seen a white form traveling through the tree tops just outside the western gates.  Unfortunately, we did not capture anything while investigating that area, however we did have a rather interesting cold spot encounter near the front gates.

While "sweeping" the cemetery during this investigation, we felt a cold spot near the grove of trees by the front gates of the cemetery.  Upon investigating it, we found that the cold spot would travel in and out of this area.  One investigator would travel to the center of the grove of trees while the others would stand on the outskirts.  We found that upon the investigator entering the grove,  a cold "wind" would seem to travel through the outside investigators.  Thinking this might have been a one time occurrence,  we repeated the action several times.  Surprisingly, the same thing would happen every time!  However, future investigation would not harbor the same results.  We may have just happened to stumble on a playful spirit.

Many other cold spots have been experienced by several people investigating this site.  They appear all over the cemetery grounds never in the same place twice.  The lagoon is another location that seems to be a somewhat active area.  The lagoon is located on the northeastern side of the grounds and has a history of being a hot spot.  We have never captured any data to prove this, however we have felt a strange presence near the gate leading to the lagoon.  It should be mentioned that the lagoon area was reputed to be a favorite dumping ground for victims of Chicago's notorious gangsters of the 20's and 30's.  Coincidence???

Bachelor's Grove remains one of our favorite investigation sites.  If you do intend to investigate this location, be forewarned!  Get the proper permission to do so before going in!  The local police are also very aware of the cemetery's history and make it a point to check out any possible indication of trespassing.

Equipment Used:

The following equipment has been used in our investigations here:

1.   EMF detectors @ 1-3 milligauss and 1-100 milligauss (analog)

2.   MESA system (see the specs on the G.E.I.S.T./MESA  web site)

3.   Super 8 camcorders (w/ low light capabilities)

4.   35mm cameras (w/ infrared light meter and flash w/ auto and manual focus)

5.   200, 400, 400 Tri X, 1600 (professional print) speed films (color and B&W)

6.   High end Polaroid professional camera

7.   Digital cameras

8.   Hand held (mini) and portable tape recorders (using high end 120 min. tapes)


Michael Komen

Melissa Komen

Tim Harte

Michael Hollinshead

Dave Black

Jonathan Murphy

Chris Fleming

James Fraser