An Unexplained Streak Photographed In Cadiz, Ohio Cemetery 

This photo was taken July, 1998 with 400 speed color film in a 35mm camera with flash.

While on vacation with his family, G.H.S. president Michael Komen and his wife decided to check out a local cemetery.  The cemetery itself does not have a reputation for being haunted, but a graveyard without fences was too good to pass up.  This photo (taken by Melissa Komen) was the only unexplainable shot obtained on the two rolls exposed.  Melissa was standing with her mother (curious about her son-in-law's strange interests) and explaining how G.H.S. uses the infrared light meter on a camera to "lock on" to an unseen object.  At that moment, The camera locked onto something and a shot was taken.  The result was the photo you now see above.  At first, we thought she had tagged the grave stone, however, Melissa swears that she had been standing in front of the stone for at least a minute and the camera failed to lock on to it.  Upon looking closer at the photo and the negative,  we found a strange misty streak had been captured in the background.  To make matters more interesting,  Michael and Melissa visited the cemetery one last time before leaving Ohio to check if there was anything behind the stone that would produce this image.  There are no trees or bushes behind the stone, nor were there any larger stones that could have been the catalyst for the image.  

It just goes to show you that just because a cemetery doesn't have a reputation for being haunted, that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't.

Click here to see an enlarged view of the above streak 

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