The Dexter Graves Monument 

Located in Graceland cemetery, this ominous statue (titled Eternal Silence, by Lorado Taft) has an interesting history.  Once a brilliant bronze statue it has now oxidized to the pale green we are accustom to in Chicago.  All green except for the cloaked eyes that is.  They are still painted black as they had been originally.  It is said that to look upon those eyes is like looking into death.  Of course, we tried it and felt nothing.  However, some witnesses claim to have experienced an extreme cold spot while gazing upon the statue.  It was even rumored at one time that one would be able to catch a glimpse of the afterlife while looking into the foreboding eyes.  Stranger still was the rumor of never being able to take a clear photo of the figure.  This one, of course, was pure myth as many visitors to Graceland will tell you.  It appears this statue is one of the most popular locations for graveyard photographers and ghost hunters alike!

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