Mysterious Orb Photographed at Greenwood Cemetery In Decatur, IL.

This photo was taken with tri-x 400 speed black and white film in a 35mm camera with flash.

  This mysterious orb was photographed during an impromptu investigation of Greenwood cemetery while members of G.H.S. were attending the 1997 ghost conference in Decatur, Illinois.  The orb was not present during the exposure, however a cold spot was experienced in this location.  This is a good example of how a photo can be taken of a paranormal event simply on the basis of a "feeling".  No advanced equipment was used on this investigation, just the basics.  We had one EMF detector, 35mm cameras, a notebook and a micro cassette recorder.  The investigators were told to scout the area and take photos in any location they felt a "presence" or and "uneasy feeling".  In this case, this method of ghost hunting paid off with the development of an excellent photo of a "ghost light".

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