Jonathan Murphy Documents An EMF Spike

This Polaroid was taken during our investigation of the Willard Library in Indiana 1999.  While in the basement near the children's reading area, we encountered a large spike on the Tri-field meter of 8-10 milligauss.  The ambient EMF was within the range of 0-1.5 milligauss prior to the spike.  This marked the beginning of several interesting events.  Further down the hallway from this shot, Jonathan Murphy and Michael Komen experienced equipment failures on cameras and tape recorders.  These devices had new batteries installed at the beginning of the investigation.  It should also be noted that, upon removing these devices from the basement, they resumed normal operation.  It should also be noted that the "gray lady" has been reported in the area of the children's reading room.

You can read more about our investigation of the Willard Library in our field reports page.

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