Another Daylight Orb Caught On Film At Bachelor's Grove

This photo was taken in July, 1995 with 200 speed color film in a 35mm camera (no flash).

Taken on the same day G.H.S. was doing a follow up investigation after obtaining the large orb shot earlier that same month.  Once again, the photographer was using a filter in order to eliminate the possibility of sun flares while shooting.  The most interesting thing about this photo is the reason why it was taken.  While investigating the cemetery,  the photographer noticed a single tree swaying it's branches while the others remained still.  Observing this as an odd event, the photographer took a photo of the area resulting in this shot of an orb in the tree.  It should be noted that Bachelor's Grove has been know to yield ghostly photographs at all hours of the day and night.  If you plan on visiting here, keep a sharp eye open and bring a lot of film!

You can read more about Bachelor's Grove and our investigations there in our Field Reports.

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