Photo Of An Orb Caught In Daylight At Bachelor's Grove

This photo was taken in July of 1995 with 200 speed color film in a 35mm camera (no flash).

Shortly after obtaining the large orb on film, G.H.S. returned to Bachelor's Grove to take a few establishing shots in the daylight.  This was done in order to show that there was no way the large orb could have been the moon, a headlight, a streetlight etc..  Much to our surprise, the daylight shots came back with orbs on the film as well!  Though usually dismissed as sun flares these orbs were different.  Experts and friends have told us that a sun flare will have a slight geometric shape. As you can see here, these orbs are missing this key element. The photographer was also using a filter on his lens for his daytime shots in order to eliminate the possibility of flare effects.

You can read about Bachelor's Grove and our further investigations there in our Field Reports.

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