Unexplained Mist Captured On Film At Bachelor's Grove.

This Photograph was taken with 400 speed color film on a 35mm camera with flash in August of 1998.

  Jonathan Murphy and Michael Komen were conducting another follow up investigation on this site when a cold spot was discovered.  A micro cassette recorder was put in place in an attempt to capture any E.V.P. phenomenon..  As the photographer (Michael Komen) was aiming for the first shot when he felt the cold spot move past him.  Jonathan (standing approximately 15 feet behind Michael) found the cold spot had moved to his position.  Michael quickly grabbed the micro tape recorder, placed it in the new position (shown on the gravestone), stepped back and took a second shot.  Upon developing of the film, G.H.S. found that the first photo during the cold spot turned up clean of all phenomenon.  However, the second photo (shown above) came back with a misting effect across the entire area.  It should be noted that this photo was in the middle of the roll and no mist was present at the time of exposure.  Furthermore, there was no mist and/or fog detected on any other photos on the four rolls shot that night.

You can read more about Bachelor's Grove and our further investigations there in our Field Reports

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