Two More Orbs Caught On Film At Bachelor's Grove

This photo was taken in August, 1996  using 400 speed color film in a 35mm camera with flash.

I will admit, these orbs are not as distinct as the others we have seen.  However it does show that a "ghost light" doesn't have to be a large beacon in the night.  These orbs were not present at the time of exposure and have also been deemed unexplained by photographic experts.  Notice how the orb in the background is much more faint than the foreground orb.  This shows a clear definition of depth or distance.  Once again, the method of using an infrared light meter to "lock on" to an area was used (see "Two orbs caught on film").  There were no reflective surfaces on the ground as we clear the area completely before an investigation for such objects.  I urge everyone who investigates an outdoor location to follow this procedure.  Clearing the area of any reflective surfaces such as empty beverage cans, foil wrappers, etc. will eliminate the possibility of a reflection or refraction of light when taking night shots.  Nothing is more disappointing than capturing what appears to be a "ghost light" on film only to find it was the reflection of an empty Pepsi bottle.

You can read more about Bachelor's Grove and our investigations there in our Field Reports.

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