Two Orbs Captured On Film At Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

This photo was taken in July of 1996 using 400 speed color film in a 35mm camera with flash.

These small orbs appear randomly in most of our photos taken at Bachelor's Grove.  Once again, they have been verified by photographic experts as unexplainable.  The orbs have been captured on 35mm film, Polaroid film and digital cameras.  In this case, the camera being used had an infrared light meter built into the flash in order to auto focus distance.  The photographer walked around the cemetery constantly pressing the light meter until it locked onto something.  At that point, the photographer would proceed to take a picture hoping to catch whatever triggered the light meter.  

This is a method we have adapted into our investigations for those members that have auto focusing cameras with this technology.  If you choose to use this method, I urge you to bring a lot of film.  You will burn through quite a few rolls but it is worth it if you can obtain a great shot.

You can read more about Bachelor's Grove and our investigations there in our Field Reports.

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