The infamous Bachelor's Grove "Ghost Light"

This Photo was taken during an investigation of Bachelor's Grove cemetery in July of 1995.  It was captured with a 35 mm camera with flash using 400 speed color film.  This was the first official G.H.S. investigation of this site and has since spawned many additional visits.  The large orb seen here was not present at the time of exposure and has been verified by photographic experts as unexplained.  It has been confirmed that it is not a lens flare, reflection or refraction of the flash, streetlight, headlight, insect, moisture on the lens or the moon.  This photo was also published in issue #2 of  UNKNOWN Magazine as a "phenomenal photo".

The Ghost Hunter's Society has performed many additional studies of this cemetery with excellent results.  It was the focus of a year long investigation yielding many unexplained photographs, E.V.P. and impressive instrument readings.  

You can read more about Bachelor's Grove and our further investigations there in our Field Reports

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