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Looking for more paranormal pages?

Here are some of our favorites: 

GHSmoon.jpg (5899 bytes) Denotes the winners of our "Midnight" award

GHSmoon.jpg (5899 bytes)
Our fellow teammates Tim Harte, Michael Hollinshead and Dave Black.  Featuring the M.E.S.A. system used on many of our joint investigations.

The Ghost Club
Established in 1862.  The oldest and most respected psychical research and investigation organization in England and the world.

The American Society for Psychical Research (A.S.P.R.)
The A.S.P.R. has been investigating E.S.P., psychokinesis, apparitions, poltergeists, etc. since 1885. 

The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP)
A more skeptical view on the investigation of the paranormal.  Publishers of the Skeptical Inquirer.

The Ghosts of Ohio
An excellent site for those interested in haunted locations and investigations in Ohio.

TriPAR Paranormal Investigations
A great site!  Equipment stats, investigation reports, photos, EVP, video clips and more!

American Ghost Society
Author Troy Taylor's web site featuring ghost photos, ghost hunting tips, book information, links and much much more!

FATE Magazine
True reports of the strange and unknown.  Interesting reading.

UNKNOWN Magazine
Real experiences of unusual phenomenon.  Published in our home town of Schaumburg, IL.

GHSmoon.jpg (5899 bytes)SPIRITSEARCHERS
Nancy and John Wilton's web site with links to live web cams, photos, ghost hunting tips and more!

Mystic Forest
This site is still under construction, but proves to be a great site centered around mysticism.

Ghost Detector / Tri-Field Natural EMF Meters Page
Information on Tri-Field sensors for ghost hunters!  A must see for investigators!

GHSmoon.jpg (5899 bytes)Haunted Pages - Online Magazine
Stacy McArdle has created a wonderful online magazine full of useful information and great links!

Jamie's Chicagoland Ghost Web Page
A great haunted Chicago site loaded with information on local haunts, links and photos.

U.K. Ghost Hunter's Society
Interesting U.K. ghost hunting page with photos, links, info and more.

TimeStoppers Paranormal
Paranormal photography and investigations.  An interesting site with equally interesting photos.

Celestial Visions School of Metaphysical Arts
Earn a Ph.D, Masters or Bachelors degree in parapsychology or metaphysics! 

The paranormal search engine. Tons of paranormal links!

Invisible Ink
One of the best sources for books on ghosts and hauntings as well as videos!

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