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Welcome to the G.H.S. photo page.  Here you will find some of our favorite photos of unexplained phenomenon as well as a few scrapbook shots from our investigations.  The photos have been thumb nailed in order to speed up your browsers loading time.  To see the enlarged picture, simply click on the thumbnail and it will take you to the description page for that photo.  The photos are best viewed in True Color (32 bit) settings.  We have added arrows to the photos in order to pin point the phenomenon if you have lower bit capabilities.

Most of the photos have been converted to black and white format, this serves two purposes.  One: to speed up load time and Two: to make the phenomenon more distinct.

We hope to bring you more photos of our investigations and of ghostly phenomenon in the future.  Visit us often to see our latest photographic findings.  

It should be noted that all of the photos have been examined by professional photographers and photographic companies to ensure that they are indeed unexplained phenomenon. 

Submit your photos for posting on our web site! Read the criteria for submitting a photo!

All photographs are property of Michael Komen and The Ghost Hunter's Society (unless otherwise specified) and may not be reproduced without written permission. All rights reserved 1994

BC GhostLight.jpg (77068 bytes)
The Bachelor's Grove Cemetery "Ghost Light"

BC Daylightorb.jpg (574913 bytes)
An orb caught in daylight at Bachelor's Grove

BC Mist.jpg (81730 bytes)
Unexplained Mist at Bachelor's Grove 

BC Daylightorb 2.jpg (658264 bytes)
Another daylight orb at Bachelor's Grove

BC Treeorb.jpg (393741 bytes)
Small orb at Bachelor's Grove
Greenwood Orb.jpg (221204 bytes)
An orb caught on film at Greenwood cemetery
BC 2orbs.jpg (254128 bytes)
Two small orbs at Bachelor's Grove
Cadiz Streak.jpg (280901 bytes)
An unexplained streak in Cadiz, Ohio Cemetery
BC 2orbs (2).jpg (245244 bytes)
Two more small orbs at Bachelor's Grove
Cadiz Closeup.jpg (26758 bytes)
Close up of the above streak in Cadiz, Ohio cemetery



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