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Welcome to the G.H.S. true ghost story and experiences page.  The following experiences have been forwarded to us by people just like you!  If you have had a ghostly experience and would like to share it with our viewers, please feel free to forward it to us via email by clicking the button below.  The Ghost Hunter's Society obtains permission from the witnesses to reprint their stories before posting them on our site.  Every story and/or experience is reviewed by G.H.S. before it is allowed to be posted.  The Ghost Hunter's Society makes no claim to the fact that these stories/experiences are true or otherwise.  We shall leave that decision up to you.

Received June 19, 2000 from Erin:

Dear Poltermike,

I feel a bit silly emailing you on this subject but I feel I have no choice.

My daughter aged 2 has been seeing a "guy" in our house as well as on our
boat. He seems to only appear to her when a select few of us are around.
Mostly me alone.

She has never been exposed to ghost stories or anything of that nature. She
has never even had a babysitter. She is always with me.

This "guy" seems to be appearing more frequently now and her fear of him is
getting worse. She says that he is blue. She also says that he likes to play
with hers and mommy's hair and that he shakes. On June 1 she looked at me
with a strange smile and began to sing happy birthday to you. A song she
never sang before. I got so excited for her and clapped my hands and
congratulated her. Suddenly she jumped on the bed , put her hands over her
head and said she was afraid of the man and that he was standing in front of
us. A chill went up my spine. Suddenly it dawned on me that June 1 was my
first love's birthday. Last September he committed suicide via hanging
himself. When she said the guy shakes she showed me how by swaying back and
forth. The way she did this reminded me of someone hanging. She has been
seeing him on a daily basis now and I am getting glimpses out of the corner
of my eye as well as sensations of being touched. I am writing to you today
to find out how I can tell or get someone to tell me if there is actually a
ghost here. I am only convinced of this because my daughter has never known
of this incident or of ghosts.

Please let me know what you think immediately. I will be looking for someone
to check out the situation before it gets out of hand so I will be searching
for help with this daily.

Thank you for your time!

G.H.S.:  Erin, I will email very soon in regards to this matter.  In the meantime, young children are statistically more prone to paranormal experiences.  More so in girls than boys.  I will try to get you in contact with some experts in your area, if you are in the Illinois area, I may be able to investigate it with the G.H.S. team.  Thanks for the account of your experience! -M.K.

Received June 12, 2000 from Sarah:

Hi, I am Sarah. My house is in Fresno, California and the thing is that it is
only about 20 years old. I have still witnessed some strange events that have
chilled me. I am 13 and my bedroom is across the hall from another bedroom
that we don't use. My mother uses it for the laundry that is always in a
basket on the other side of the room from the door. Then, one night, I woke
up in the middle of the night for some strange reason. I noticed that the
light was on in there. The strange thing is that the light had been turned
off that very night, by me, and I was the last one up. Also, the usually neat
clothes in the basket were pushed up against the door, so no one could get
in. I ran to my parent's bedroom suspecting a burglar, and my dad finally
came and pushed the door open. There is only one door opening to the room,
and that was piled high with clothing, making a barricade. Freaky!!

G.H.S.:  Object movement is impressive in any case involving ghosts.  I, myself, have experienced object movement at Robinson Woods Cemetery (more on that in our investigations page).  Thanks for the story Sarah! -M.K.

Received June 11, 2000 from Jessica:

Hi. My name is Jessica and I am 13 years old. I am really interested in this
ghost stuff. I think its because something happened to me when I lived in my
old house.

Before we moved to our old house, there was a girl named Megan who was
about 6 that lived there. She had Cystic Fibrosis. A little while before we
moved there, Megan's parents decided to sell the house and we think that it
was because it reminded them of her. When we moved in the house, there were
still some of Megan's toys there. My mom even found a picture of her.

After a while of living there, my mom and dad would hear strange noises.
Like the water going on in the middle of the night or a music box playing. We
didn't have any music boxes. One night, right after my sister was born, and I
was about 3, I woke my mom up and told her there were elves sitting around
Emily's crib. Then right before Emily got really sick, my mom said she saw a
red cloud floating above Emily's head. Then a while later, I was laying in bed
(we had bunk beds) and I felt someone braiding my hair. I woke up and my hair
wasn't braided and Emily was asleep under me. That is the only thing that I
remember, my mom told me the rest.

A couple years ago, after we moved here, my cousin that lived in my old
neighborhood said that he saw a little girl running into the cornfield in the
middle of a storm and then she disappeared. She was running from our old
yard. I thought he was crazy, but then my mom told me all the stuff that had
happened. My parents even went to a priest to see if the ghost of Megan was
bad or not but after they told him what had happened, he said that she was
just staying around the house for some reason.

Thanks for listening,

G.H.S.:  Great story Jessica, Thanks for sharing it with us! -M.K.

Received March 29, 2000 from Mr. Justin Walker:

My name is Justin Walker and I have just recently experienced something
that I cannot explain.  I live in Atlanta and the strange yet cool event
has happened the last two nights in a town just north of here in the
town of Cumming, GA.  My friends and I went to this town to try a little
experiment on Tribble Gap Rd. about 3miles outside of the town square.
There is a hill that the locals call "Booger Hill".  We stopped at the
top of the road, put the car in neutral and coasted down the hill.
Before we reached the bottom of the hill, the car slowed to a stop
gently but quickly.  Then the car started BACKING UP THE HILL!!!

It gets better.  We did this forward and backward!  The third time we
did this on the first night, I decided to get out of the car.  I walked
completely around the car and felt nothing.  Then I started to push
against the car pushing it down the hill a few feet and let go.  The car
came right back to me!  I did this three times before everybody in the
car started freaking out too badly and wanted to go home.  The second
night was a lot like the first only we brought more people along so they
would believe us. I also got out and pushed the car again.

The urban legends say that some slaves were hung on some of the trees
that line the road and that it's the ghosts of the slaves that are
pushing the cars.


Justin Walker

G.H.S.:  Thanks Justin!  If you do choose to investigate further, be sure to eliminate any possibility of optical illusion or natural physics involved.  If you get any video footage or unexplained photos and/or E.V.P., be sure to let us know! -M.K.

Received March 18, 2000 from Mr. William Medert:

You guys have a cool web site. I live in Pekin, IL. Paranormal study really does put your hair on ends. I've had beginners luck with some weird entity at Fort Creve Cour. I had been looking for artifacts at the Fort for about 3 months now. I'm doing an art project for Fort Creve Cour, and on the side have been digging specific locations.

After finding an old moccasin shoe that day (which was a really good find) I decided to go back to location number two. It was about 8 o'clock in the evening when I heard loud footsteps. I have really good lights so I turned around to face the footsteps. My bright Coleman lights up everything in front of me. The footsteps came over the hill and I not only heard them but at this point could see them. The footsteps stopped right before a big pile of brush. I reached down grabbed a hunk of glass and threw it at the point that it stopped. Nothing moved and I had a strange feeling
that it was not a small animal. I just had to leave after that because I couldn't stop looking behind me. I returned two days later to look for the other shoe and heard some weird mumbled voices as I entered the woody trail. It sounded like a woman's voice but I could not make out what she was
saying. I turned around and did not see a darn thing. Then I heard the same exact voice again and followed by three faint musket shots. I've seen enough civil war movies to understand what I was hearing.

 I know this sounds strange but I don't normally hear voices out of thin air. I heard nothing after that and went back to my search. Upon returning back I took and alternate route, but ended back at the original trail.  I was tired so I sat down and was relaxing when I heard the same woman's voice again. This time I really felt people waking in my direction. Well, I looked expecting to see something and there was nothing there. I returned a week later with a friend of mine
and my camera. We encountered a huge cold spot and we both heard footsteps on
the other side of the train which lasted about 10 seconds. I haven't developed the photos yet, but I cant wait to see them. 

I believe there are ghosts at Fort Creve Cour. I returned at a later date to dig at number two and found someone had been digging (there were 5 old bottles exposed which had to have been dug up). This place is weird and I can't believe there's a ghost helping me dig for artifacts. If you go ghost hunting there I'll tag along if you don't mind the company. I'm almost afraid to go there and find more dug up things. I'm new to digging up artifacts and never expected this! Please contact me anytime at my email box.

Your friend,


G.H.S.Thanks Bill, I'm sure we will be making a trip out that way this summer. We'll keep you posted! -M.K.